Cooking tips and hacks can make any seemingly complicated recipe, come to life with ease. This day and age, most working adults have little time to devout to cooking lavish meals, especially during the busy work week. With these unique and effective cooking hacks listed below, meal prep time will be a breeze.


  • Soften butter quickly: Butter is a common ingredient for many food dishes. Often times, attempting to soften butter in the microwave or on the stove can result in the butter completely melting or even burning. The best and easiest way to soften a stick of butter is to fill a glass bowl with water and warm the water in the microwave. After the water is heated, throw it out and place the warm bowl over the butter you wish to soften. The steam from the bowl will soften the butter in seconds!


  • Cut your cake with dental floss: Cutting the layers of cake with a knife can sometimes be quite a task—a messy one at that. However, this cooking hack makes cutting a piece of cake, a piece of cake (pun intended)! First, mark the center of the cake with a toothpick. This will help to ensure that you cut the slices evenly. Then, use dental floss to cut across the cake and produce neat, even slices.


  • Peel a pomegranate with ease: Pomegranates are undeniably delicious, however, peeling those bad boys can be quite difficult for some. Fortunately, this hack will make the peeling process a lot easier. Simply take a wooden spoon and lightly tap to outside of the pomegranate a few times. Then peel away! You’ll be surprised to see how easily the pomegranate seeds separate from the peel in just seconds. This hack is also effective for many other hard-to-peel fruits!


  • Peel a head of garlic in seconds: One of the most unpleasant parts of using garlic cloves as ingredients is having to peel them. Sometimes it can be quite hard to do. However, you can simplify the process by crushing the head of garlic into pieces and putting them in a bowl. Next, place another bowl on top of the bowl with the garlic already in it (this will make a makeshift lid). Then, shake the garlic vigorously for about 60 seconds. The end result will amaze you!