Founded by Simon and Bobbi Kohn in 1963, Kohn’s Kosher, previously known as Simon Kohn’s Kosher Deli has been in operation for over 50 years. As immigrants of post-World War II Europe, both Simon and Bobbi began making homemade Kosher delicacies such as knishes, kreplach, strudel, khishka and more. Bobbi’s flair for cooking and Simon’s knack for the kosher trade became the driving force behind their success.
In the late 1970’s their children, Rosemary and Lenny joined the business and began adding to the continued success of Kohn’s Kosher Deli. To date, the business continues to thrive with several long-time employees, and is the only independent kosher butcher in the St. Louis area. Thanks to Simon and Bobbi paving the way, Kohn’s Kosher staff consist of individuals from all over the world including Mexico, Russia, China, Jamaica, Israel, and Lebanon. Despite the array of cultures and backgrounds, the staff members have developed a family-like bond that is apparent to anyone who walks through the door.
Our quality products and fair pricing, matched with our friendly service has made us the go-to source for kosher foods both locally and nationally. Within the last decade Kohn’s Kosher has become a household name, not only in the Midwest, but also in cities all across the United States as a result of our online ordering feature.