The elections in America this year were surprising, to say the least. People that in past were very less likely to be elected in key positions in the country, were elected this year. For instance, the state of Missouri elected the first Jewish Governor in the history of the state. Eric Greitens is a former Navy SEAL, being the proud possessor of famous and appreciated military awards, the Bronze Star being just one example. Greitens is also a Republican, defeating the Democrat’s representative Chris Koster, which shows the fact that Americans decided to go the Republican way this year, electing politicians that come from this party.

Is this new election the sign that Americans crave for a change? It appears so, since Eric Greitens is a new player in the politics field. He does not have the experience in politics that many people that enter such elections have, but yet he managed to convince the majority of people in Missouri to vote for him. As Greiters stated himself, the political system in America has a chance to be fixed, but only by a conservative outsider. People may have seen the change they needed in Greiters, so he ended up governing the state after the elections.

The former SEAL is 42 years old at the moment, growing up in the Maryland Heights suburb as a child, in St. Louis. There, he attended the Reform synagogues that was in town and, later on, became a student of the Duke University, earning the position of a Rhodes Scholar. He is also got a degree at the University of Oxford. After graduating, he joined the military forces, becoming a trustworthy member of the SEAL troops. Before entering the politics, he created The Mission Continues, which is a non-profit organization that offers volunteering opportunities to veterans. So, we have to admit that the education and activity of this new Missouri Governor is rather impressive, every action he made was in the benefit of the community. Let us hope that he will do the same as a Governor.

One of the first things that will be made by Greiters is to diminish the power of the unions, transforming Missouri into a so-called “right-to-work” state. Also, among his objectives, that were stated in his campaign, is to eliminate corruption and any trace of bad ethics from the capital city of the state, Jefferson City. Greiters became the 56th Governor of Missouri, being the first Republican to occupy this position after Jay Nixon, a Democratic that served two terms in this position of the state. It appears that the image of the outsider that he used during the elections, appearing to people as a man that is not stained by dirty political games, wishing just to make things better, helped him win. The people ended up trusting him, as he seemed to be more like them than like the rest of the politicians that use well-made speeches to earn their trust.