Restaurants, deli’s, and bistros are becoming more conscious these days of what they put on their menus. Why? Because more people are becoming health conscious and monitor what they put into their bodies. Not only that, but some people have unique dietary restrictions for health reasons, like Celiac Disease, Lactose Intolerance, or food allergies. Many eateries are noticing this and want to include these kinds of meals to their customers while making the food beautiful as well.

So, what are some of the changes that restaurants may incorporate into their selections? Below is a list of exciting changes to look for.

  • Edible Flowers – Edible flowers are all the rage on social media these days. They can be seen on pizzas, in soups, on cakes and pies, as well as flakey pastries. Many cooking blogs and chefs feature these flowers in cocktails too. They not only add beauty in the presentation, but these edible treats add unique aromas and added health benefits as well. Some of the items you may see on menus could be Geranium Filo Cups, Lavender Peach Crisp, Hibiscus infused Champagne, or Crystallized Violet Cupcakes.
  • Mid-Eastern Dishes – These dishes are gaining momentum because people want to experience authentic, traditional dishes from countries like Israel, Morocco, and Lebanon. These dishes will be beyond the traditional hummus and crackers that some restaurants have for an appetizer. According to Fine Dining, some ingredients that will become popular are parsley, dried fruit, tahini, harissa, and za’tar. Some dishes that may be on the food selection are Fattoush, Chicken Bastilla, Lamb Shwarma, Tagins, Lavosh, and Kofta Kebobs.
  • Shell-less Tacos– Who can’t resist a corn tortilla or hard corn taco shell? Things are changing in the taco department and customers either don’t want the shell, or they cannot eat it. In any case, restaurants are making other options available to their customers. More individuals are opting for lettuce or seaweed wrapped tacos. Another trend that is moving forward is that tacos are being used in savory meals as well as in desserts. For example, Taco Macaroni and Cheese, 5-Layer Taco Dip, or Veggie Taco Skillet.
  • Chicken– Chicken is one of the meats that can be used for anything and everything, especially when it comes to rotisserie chicken. Bistro’s and other eating establishments will be featuring rotisserie chicken, similar to that of Boston Market, except in a more sophisticated way. Some menus may offer Rotisserie Chicken Taco Salad, Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Peppers, Chicken Cordon Blue Skillet, or Chicken Quinoa Veggie Bake. Rotisserie chicken is an excellent choice for restaurants to use because, not only is it versatile, but it’s easy on their budgets too. It’s also quick and easy when customers order chicken take-out food or place an order for delivery.

It’s clear the public is making dietary changes and restaurants are listening. People don’t usually embrace change too well, but as long as the entire menu isn’t being overhauled, most customers are okay with eateries changing up the food every once in a while. Change is good when it comes to restaurants expanding their menu to bring in or maintain their current patrons. So, sit near the window with a beautiful view of the city or of the water and Bon Appetite!