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Salad Bowl

Asian Salad (chicken or salmon): tomato, red & yellow pepper, sugar snap peas, mandarin oranges, crunchy oriental noodles, with Kohn’s Asian dressing

Turkey Chef: turkey, hard boiled egg, tomato, cucumber, zucchini, red onion, mushroom, pimento, and black olives

Veggie Chef: hard boiled egg, tomato, cucumber, zucchini, red onion, mushroom, pimento, and black olives

Chicken Caesar (chicken or salmon): herb grilled chicken breast, tomato, and croutons

Buffalo Chicken Caesar Salad: Crispy breaded chicken breast, tomtato, croutons, and Kohn’s homemaid Mayfair dressing

Dinner Salad: tomato, cucumber, red onion, and black olives

Dairy Caesar (take-out-only): croutons, Parmesan cheese, with Kohn’s Dairy Mayfair dressing

Dairy Greek (take-out-only): Feta cheese, Kalamata olives, cucumber, bell peppers, red Onions, pepperoncinis with Kohn’s Greek Feta dressing

Salad Dressings:

– Kohn’s Asian
– Italian
– Kohn’s Mayfair
– Kohn’s Olive oil and vinaigrette
– Kohn’s Balsamic vinaigrette
– Kohn’s Red wine vinaigrette

Available for sale in our deli, in pints, half quarts, and quarts.


– Matzo Ball soup
– Soup of the day
– Chili

From the Grill

– Hamburger
– Turkey burger
– Bison burger
– Grilled chicken breast sandwich
– Steak sandwich
– Ribeye steak


– Breaded cod sandwich
– Lox plate
– BBQ salmon plate
– Smoked sable plate
– Smoked whitefish plate
– Salmon (blackened or herb baked)


– Homemade corned beef
– Kohn’s Killer Beef Pastrami
– Roast beef
– Beef brisket
– Turkey (plain or smoked)
– Turkey pastrami
– Chopped liver
– Salami
– Bologna
– Tuna, egg or chicken salad
– Poor Boy

“KOSHER-SIZE” your sandwich!
Kohn’s Lunchplate – Add any cold salad

Choice of bread – rye, kaiser, wheat, pita, bagel

Odds & Ends

– Falafel
– Schwarma
– Hot dog
– Hand breaded chicken nuggets
– Mostaciolli
– Spaghetti
– Borekas (potato, spinach, mushroom)
– Bagel dog
– Chicken schnitzel
– Vegetable souffle


– Caesar (chicken or salmon)
– Grilled veggie
– Tuna or chicken salad


– Knish (meat or potato)
– Kugel (sweet, plain, potato or spinach)
– French Fries
– Onion Rings

Choice of freshly made deli salads…*price per lb

– Israeli salad
– Tabbouleh
– Edamame salad
– Creamy cole slaw
– Vinegar slaw
– Asian style cole slaw
– Potato salad
– Thai pasta salad
– Couscous and vegetable
– Bow Tie pasta with sun dried tomato and spinach
– Tomato, cucumber, onion and green pepper salad
– Broccoli salad
– Green bean and portabella salad


– Upside Down cupcakes
– Black and White cookies
– Chocolate Chip cookies
– Brownies
– Fresh fruit
– Fudge covered Brownies

Check out the bakery for more goodies!


– Fountain soda
– Bottled soda
– Snapple
– Juice
– Dr. Brown’s
– Coffee
– Tea
– Bottled water

We can personalize or customize your order from any of the above selections! If you have specific dietary requirements, we can usually accommodate your needs as well!